Hailo Data – Saving independent restaurants

Earn credits with Hailo Data’s one-stop ordering app for beer, wine and liquor.

Why Bars love Hailo Data

Hailo Data is for independent bars and restaurants looking to lower costs and simplify ordering.

Simple to set up.
Easy to use.
Earn credits on everything you buy.


One-stop portal for your well, your taps and your top shelf.

Save time when ordering, with your draft beer, packaged drinks, wine and liquor all in our simple app that connects you to your suppliers’ catalogs.

Lower your costs with collective buying power.

Our collective buying power combined with your data credits will lower your overall cost of operations.

Connect your team like never before.

Save time and empower your team by optimizing ordering across your  bar, letting your staff place their orders with the Hailo Data app.

Earn credits on everything you buy for your bar.

Our collective buying power and your data credits bring you the lowest effective costs.

Our team identifies and connects you to your suppliers to deliver the supplies you need to operate your restaurant. The Hailo Data app saves you time by optimizing ordering from your suppliers’ catalogs, and letting your staff place their orders all from one portal.

An app your Bar Managers can really use

Hailo seamlessly integrates with your restaurant ordering operations, allowing you to focus on running your day-to-day operations while gaining the benefits of Hailo.

Deliveries don’t change. Your suppliers deliver your products to your locations without your team having to call multiple vendors.

Turn your data credits into cost savings.

Earn data credits on all your bar orders, and redeem quarterly for cash.

Hailo anonymizes your data that your purchases generate. We share those insights with our data partners.

Centralized ordering for your bar

Hailo Data lets you focus on running your business day-to-day, while combining the benefits of lower operating costs and centralized ordering for your bar staff.

Hailo Data


Lower your operating costs by earning and redeeming credits for all bar purchases.

They offer lowered costs on a few select items with certain suppliers

We’re exclusively for independent-owned and operated restaurants and bars.

They spread their attention across the healthcare, hospitality, restaurant and gaming industries.

Order everything in one place, with Hailo Data’s app.

Order your products separately with each supplier, dealing with phone calls, sales people and many portals.

Track your order history and all your invoices in one location.

Minimal operational support to help you find efficiencies in your business.

Why Hailo Data?

Our founders, Dan Wilson & Kyle Tweter, started The Warehouse Group more than 20 years ago with one location on the Granville Strip in Vancouver.

Now, with over 20 locations nationwide and 50 years of combined experience in this industry, we figured out how to drive real financial growth in a restaurant or bar. It’s unfair this information isn’t available to small independent operators like you.  Especially when you’re starting out.

Hailo was created to give you what we never had.

Hailo - Our Founders Kyle Tweter and Dan Wilson

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